Your Child attends for free

Hosts secure a venue, promote the class in their circle of influence, provide light snacks,  and help with the set up and tear down of class. We need a large, wall-sized whiteboard and large tables or desks to accommodate 12-15 people. 

We do not need overhead projection units or any type of audio visual equipment. 

Secure a Venue

Community Center, Church, Business, or Classroom

Hosts secure a venue suitable for test taking. We are looking for a large, quiet space with great lighting.


wall mounted or on wheels

A large whiteboard is critical to the success of the class. Students will be asked to copy notes from the whiteboard.  This teaching method is intentional and helps students remember the material better as they interact with it. 


Social media, email, School

Many families are excited to learn about our program when we come to their town. We ask hosts to spread the word about the availability of class. Families will come directly to this website to register. 

Set up/tear down

Water bottles and snacks

On the day of the class, we will meet you at the venue one to two hours before class starts. Every venue is different and this gives us time to make sure we have everything we need for a great class. Students are always grateful for any snacks that you choose to provide.